Man Up is an international call to action for young adults to eradicate violence against women VAW using music, sport, and technology. On the occasion of one of the largest gatherings in the world, World Cup in South Africa, Man Up will host a global youth summit with the goals of supporting organizations tackling Знакомства для секса в контакте в кингисеппе, building a network of youth advocates and defenders, and linking the efforts of small local projects and mainstream organizations with the corporate, entertainment and sports communities. The fact that one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, знакомства майо otherwise abused in her lifetime is a reality that must be addressed, forcefully. This is a five-year campaign, but the rewards will potentially extend for generations. This campaign will succeed with the support of artists, entrepreneurs, activists, athletes, educators, and concerned citizens "manning up"-whether they are male or female-and saying that gender violence against women must end. Man Up is a call to action for the next generations to do things differently. The Man Up Youth Summit will bring together a diverse group of young men and women aged approximately eighteen to самара знакомства для секса years representing 32 World Cup competing nations and 18 at-risk countries, who are committed to eradicating VAW within their communities. Summit participants will be given the tools they need-and want-to plan and execute proposed initiatives, including seed grants with the support of a worldwide network of NGO partners. A multi-functional website will facilitate communication, on-going training and global advocacy. The Summit is action-oriented. The purpose is to help participants make their ideas into real projects. Workshops are focused on skill building and provide the participants with the tools necessary to execute their projects and be advocates against VAW. The Summit will introduce various training and teaching techniques, particularly those that address and utilize relevant cultural influences and forces, namely hip-hop качка знакомства sports, both of which have been extremely successful in youth-based development. Renowned speakers and practitioners will join the Summit to promote the Man Up agenda and offer their own experience and perspective to the youth delegates. Following the summit, a global virtual network will launchproviding participants with training, access to experts and additional resources.

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