11 Things you’ll recognise if you’re dating someone with glasses

We only see the good, which makes us blind to major flaws and warning signs we might have otherwise noticed. Everyone falls victim to rose-colored glasses at one point or another. Why do we have this blindness to flaws in people we care about when others can see them so clearly? Would love be impossible to find otherwise? For me, I knew it from the beginning. He was an emotionally immature borderline alcoholic manchild. When he turns 30, will he still be living with his parents? I thought I was. And handles everything by getting blackout drunk. Everyone has their flaws.

Why Date a Man with Glasses

Spex, is the new dating website made just for all you glasses wearers out there. Instead, you can find your glasses-wearing soulmate with one little click. Sounds good right?

Dating a guy with glasses. This might impend a beautiful relationship waiting to blossom under his patience and caring. Getting back to work after a long gap of.

There’s just something so endearing about a man who rocks a pair of glasses. He looks smart, attentive and a little bit nerdy. You can either take him as he is or move on. A guy in glasses always seems to be full of surprises. And he can likely back it up. He’s a bibliophile. Glasses and readers go hand-in-hand. There is nothing sexier than a guy wearing a great pair of Oliver Peoples, cozied behind a leather-bound novel. Because he has to take his glasses off before you do the deed, your image will be a little bit obscured.

He just seems like someone you can trust. As smart as he looks, he’s equally professional. He is the kind of guy who loves to learn, loves to devour knowledge and expand his understanding of any- and everything. He’s a guy who can fall head-over-heels for the right girl. He knows his brains matter.

Understanding Your Prescription Rights for Glasses and Contact Lenses

Years ago, I noticed an old friend wearing glasses for the first time. They were on her face for fashion, nothing but. As a glasses wearer of over two decades, this did not sit right with me. And I told her so, in dramatic and particularly expletive terms. But, maybe I was wrong.

But beyond someone’s looks, how good do any of these factors matter for mate selection? One complication is that online daters are not making just one tinder.

We also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Would you date someone with thick glasses? So I wear thick glasses that magnify my eyes a lot. Like Bubbles. Really, I have coke bottle glasses and nobody cares but they do the opposite of yours and make my eyes smaller. I saw your comment show up right after I posted mine.

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Im thinking about getting glasses instead of keeping my contacts.. I wear glasses! Besides, I don’t really care if a guy wore glasses or not; what I really look for is a great personality or someone who shares the same interests as me. Neat question, though.

The Guys With Glasses: 19 Reasons to Date Them Consider it an accessory that how someone is lucky enough to be able to wear on a daily basis. They make.

Image Source: Remember how in school everyone used to make fun of the kid with glasses? And how you knew your vision was getting worse and you could not see what the teacher is writing on the board, but you did not want to be the victim of bad remarks, so you kept your mouth shut until the situation were unbearable? Well, we are glad to say that these days are long gone. Glasses are an extremely sexy and trendy accessory.

After all, thousands of hipsters around the world wear them without even having the need to do so! We hope that none of you are that immature that they would turn down a guy just because he are wearing glasses. If you still have some prejudice against this accessory, take a look at our list of reasons why guys who wear glasses are so great! You must be logged in to post a comment. Designed by Themnific. Reasons to Date a Guy who Wears Glasses Remember how in school everyone used to make fun of the kid with glasses?

And there is a great chance that he is actually smart. After all, people need glasses to work on a computer or read and usually both of these activities require some thinking capabilities.

People wearing glasses dating/married

Join my brand new datingapp SpexApp! After all, we know there are dating of short-sighted celebrities — but how many of them particularly glasses wear their frames in public? Not that many. It glasses me a long time to embrace being a glasses-wearer, but when I did, I was surprised by how many people told me I look more attractive wearing them! And so you need to glasses the glasses you wear, and feel confident wearing them.

When you started dating your partner, you probably had glowing that you are asking someone for whom you’ve built up regard and love.

Subscribe to our newsletter. Over the past few years, dating has really become a fully customizable experience. Trying to find a fellow redhead? Allow us to introduce you to Redhead Dates. A partner who is just as Disney-obsessed as you are? Mouse Mingle is calling your name. And now there is yet another niche site to hit the market. Introducing, Spex , a dating website made just for all you four-eyes out there.

The site, which is currently only available as a website, launched last month. Spex was created by UK-based dating industry expert Charly Lester. Her mission to go on 30 blind dates before turning 30 turned into a hit blog aptly titled 30 Dates. She also founded the UK Dating Awards. Setting up a profile on Spex is free and similar to other dating apps and websites.

Dating Rules: The Glasses Yay or Nay? *Sponsored*

No back seat smooches for you. They’ve tried and failed at contacts- They gave them a go, but after all the fuss of infections and the amount of stuff needed to wear them- they gave up and went back their tried and trusted spectacles. And you’re a little bit thankful- the green goo in their eyes of a morning was not the most attractive of looks. If it’s hot out- And they get a little face sweat- they go from sexy secretary to clammy co-worker in a matter of minutes.

A guy in glasses always seems to be full of surprises. He’s the dude you go to bed He just seems like someone you can trust. He doesn’t play.

Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you! Think again Go ahead and try on your favourite pair, wearing eyeglasses will only add to your attractiveness quotient. There is something very endearing and irresistible about men in glasses, or at least I think so. They have an air of mystery around them and guess what?

Women love unravelling a mystery! Here are 8 reasons why I think men with glasses look piping hot! Most men with eyeglasses come across as people who have goals and are ready to do what it takes to achieve them. Similarly, a man with glasses is seen by women as someone they can plan a long-term relationship with. Who knows a man with eyeglasses may turn out to be an ideal life-partner. Fingers Crossed!

What Are The Effects Of Wearing Glasses On Style And Social Perception?

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So you wear glasses? Plenty of guys are into this look. But what is it about girls with glasses that boys like so much?

Seriously, I like to wear my eyeglasses a lot to kind of hide my face — keep a low. I have accumulated a wonderful collection of glasses frames at this point,. This is an issue I have as well. I only wear glasses to work but never to go out or on weekends. I feel like two different people, like Clark Kent and Superman.

And if I bump into someone with my glasses I feel weird.

There’s now a dating app for people who wear glasses

Well, if I was not asking this question I would obviously have the answer, and hence, would probably not need to write a post about this. My concern? Believe it or not, I wear glasses. I know it happens in television shows and movies, but I am not talking about those occurrences — I am making reference to reality. I for one, have only ever seen this once in my life.

if it is acceptable to wear glasses early on in the dating ritual. source. Seriously profile. However, on a first, second or third date I do wish for the guy to And if I bump into someone with my glasses I feel weird. I need to get.

Growing up, I was hard-pressed to see girls with glasses in books or on TV or in movies. But women and girls who wear glasses are just as pretty with their glasses as they are without; glasses are just an accessory that helps us see. The girl who always played the quirky best friend? Or did I want to be the sexy, pretty one? Recently I had a good friend who was forced to give up contacts for medical reasons.

Having become accustomed to her contacts, she had no idea how to adapt her style to glasses. I LOVE dresses and very feminine clothing. The only changes are the addition or removal of my glasses. When I suggested to the photographer who did my headshots that we take some with my glasses, she vetoed the idea. It felt like I had to choose who I wanted to be at that moment.

I wore my contacts for a couple of months and hoped that I could grow to love them. I liked the freedom they afforded me I had an affinity for cheap large sunglasses , but I went back to my glasses. As soon as I put them on it was like coming home.

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