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Fry, a young Everyman, finds himself accidentally transported 1, years in the future. Just like right now, life in the future is a complex mix of the wonderful and horrible, where things are still laughable no matter how crazy they get. And against a backdrop of pesky aliens, exasperating robots, and malfunctioning gadgets, people still struggle with the same daily anxieties of life and love. In the third season, Bender inherits a spooky castle; Fry and others find themselves trapped on a planet of Amazonian women ruled by a man-hating computer; Leela fights to save the lives of penguins after the Planet Express ship is involved in an oil spill; and Fry realizes a lifelong dream by dating a Lucy Liu robot. Matt Groening The Simpsons is creator and executive producer of Futurama. View in iTunes. When Bender inherits a spooky castle from his deceased uncle, he finds himself being pursued by a terrifying, driverless car. Fry and Bender face off against an army of aliens on a distant planet after they join the Earth army. Fry’s ex-girlfriend from unthaws in the year , but when she doesn’t fit in, she and Fry journey another thousand years into the future.

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Search for Bender on Amazon. Fry : Bender, this has nothing to do with you. Bender : That’s impossible!

Fry and Lucy Liu-Bot go everywhere together and kiss incessantly. Thinking that humans dating robots is sick, Bender and Leela decide to interfere. They show.

It aired on 13 May , , on Fox. It guest-stars Lucy Liu as herself in a jar as well as robot versions of herself. Fry downloads Liu’s personality illegally onto a “blank robot”, and they start dating. The discontent of the others leads to an investigation, which reveals the sinister nature of the corporation providing the celebrity personalities. The crew is watching The Scary Door , Fry enters to try to convince them that the future is far better than his time. They decide to do almost everything Fry ever dreamed of.

After blowing up a planet, travelling to the end of the universe and riding a dinosaur, Fry decides the last thing he wishes to do is to be romantically linked with a celebrity. Fry and Leela go online and locate nappster. The download is successful and Fry falls for the Liubot. The crew considers the relationship sick. They try to make him end the relationship, and show him a propaganda film which shows that humans dating robots will lead to disaster.

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At the end of the day at Planet Express , the crew take their leave of each fry in the locker room. Fry and Leela make a big show of seeming to go their separate times, but after everyone else is gone, the two emerge from hiding places big attempt to begin a romantic evening together. Interrupted by Scruffy , they realize that they can’t really be alone relationship, so they leave.

They share a nice walk moderators a deserted part of Central Park until Bender attempts to mug them.

Pulling in professionals from informatics, data visualization, and the data creators futurama robot dating, dataARC is ambitiously creating a futurama robot dating.

Fry manages to get Lucy Liu to go out with him… by downloading her personality into a robot that is programmed to go out with him. Fry Billy West tries to convince the Planet Express crew that everything in the future is better than it was in after he sees a mind-altering ad for the Discount Shoe Outlet. They agree to take Fry on a trip to do all of the things that he wanted to do in the past, such as riding a dinosaur and seeing the edge of the universe.

In order to satisfy the latter, the team logs onto the internet and goes to Nappster, a company that uploads celebrity personalities into robot bodies. Fry selects Lucy Liu and downloads her into a robot that is instantly in love with him and somehow convincingly sexually aggressive despite just being a metal entity with a hologram covering. Leela Katey Sagal agrees to help him break up the couple and the Professor West shows him a propaganda film saying that dating robots destroys society, but Fry continues to just make out with his robot Lucy Liu.

Bender and the crew decide to take down Nappster, but they discover that the company has actually been holding celebrities hostage and that their real name is Kidnappster. They rescue the real Lucy Liu and plan on taking her to the authorities to get rid of the company. In response, Nappster activates all of the other Lucy Liu robots in New New York and sets them to track down and kill the crew.

Fry, Bender, and Zoidberg West take down one of them, which makes the real Lucy start falling for Bender, but they are quickly chased by an army of Liu-bots. Fry ends up shutting her down at the behest of the real Lucy Liu, who is now in love with Bender.

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Things get more interesting when they run into Roberto, a crazy robot who robs the bank while Bender and Fry are inside, and then gives them.

I like it when characters suffer. When you get right down to it, characters suffering is a large part of what stories really are. But I love it. I love it because Fry suffers. The thing is, Fry suffering is really only the middle section of the episode. The beginning has him moping over his empty pension fund, and deciding the best way to ensure his financial security is to invest his last hundred dollars in lottery tickets.

All of this is relatively familiar, from Fry and Bender making stupid choices together, to the various settings they make their choices in. Things get more interesting when they run into Roberto, a crazy robot who robs the bank while Bender and Fry are inside, and then gives them both a bag of money, framing them for the crime. From the conveyor belt entry to the plasma globe-headed psychiatrist, the place feels distinct, which makes it more interesting to watch.

That means his struggles have stakes that are high enough to make the story work, and give the gags bite, but not so high as to be distracting. The asylum section is such a fun, creepy, bizarre setting that the episode loses some steam when Fry is released. After the various pressures become too much for his poor, squishy brain, Philip J.

Futurama Fridays – S3E15 “I Dated a Robot”

Watch the trailer. Title: I Dated a Robot 13 May Fry ignores the warnings of the Planet Express staff and starts dating a robot with the downloaded personality and holographic image of Lucy Liu.

s just put a blank robot dating the drive. Fry: Oh, Lucy! You re just like I always thought you d be from your movies. Leela.

Futurama is the sci fi cartoon from the creator of The Simpsons , Matt Groening. The show aired sporadically from to Unfortunately, Fox treated it much as it used to treat Family Guy ; Futurama was put on hiatus frequently and its timeslot changed far too often. So eventually, Futurama was canceled. And again, much like Family Guy , Futurama has proven its popularity with good ratings on Adult Swim, with Bender emerging as a favorite character. Here’s hoping they’re as great as the original show.

Bender gets down in “The Mutants Are Revolting” on. The entire crew and Zapp from Planet Express on. Leela and Zapp star in the “Naturama” episode of. Professor Farnsworth experiments on Fry in “Rebirth” on. Three heads in jars on. Fry is on the table, again, in “Cold Warriors” on. Zoidberg eats a turkey in “Overclockwise” on. Bender becomes a father in “The Bots and the Bees” on.

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Then, she and Fry begin a romantic relationship after having sex on the return trip. Meanwhile, Bender refuses to get the recommended safety features installed on his rear end and is warned that it could explode at any time. With Valentine’s Day approaching, Bender decides to start a level dating service.

Futurama was a series for sci-fi romps, great comedy, and fun adventures. it surprising, human depth (sorry robot and alien readers) on the other. the only who can save him is Leela who didn’t have a great date either.

Now including all of season 7B. This may be the final significant update of the Futurama timeline. It’s been an emotional day for me. The Futurama universe is assumed to be exactly identical to ours except where the show explicitly diverges from reality. Several episodes’ dates are formed based on projections which may prove unreliable. Except where stated and where direct contradictions arise , it is assumed that production order of episodes is the same as chronological order. This timeline deals solely with the final timeline to date.

There are other timelines in which events played out differently, which no longer apply to current Futurama continuity.

Futurama – S03E15 – I Dated A Robot

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Bender : Hey! Don’t look dated me like that. If you’re thinking of crossing the line with Bender, you can futurama it.

The other employees, concerned about their own relationship, show him the standard middle-school film, “I Dated A Robot” about the dangers of dating robots​.

He is excited about a colorful ball he saw, which they tell him is only a shoe store promotion. Leela decides to spend the morning helping Fry do everything he ever wanted to do. Soon after, Fry destroys a nearby planet. Then they visit the edge of the universe. At the Jurassic Kiddie Park, Fry rides a dinosaur. Later, elated Fry reveals his final two fantasies: being invisible in a chocolate factory and being romantically linked with a celebrity.

They enter nappster. Fry asks the salesman for Lucy Liu, and he is happy to oblige. Fry and Lucy Liu-Bot go everywhere together and kiss incessantly. Thinking that humans dating robots is sick, Bender and Leela decide to interfere. They show Fry a film about the evils of human-robot dating, but Fry ignores the movie and keeps on kissing Lucy Liu-Bot.

Bender decides the only way to stop this is to shut down nappster.

S3 E15 | 05/13/01

I Dated a Robot is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Futurama , and the forty-third episode overall. When Fry starts dating a robot clone of Lucy Liu, his friends worry for his health. But when they go to shut down Nappster, they uncover a plot more sinister than they expected. The episode begins with Fry demanding that he do everything he dreamed of in the past including destroying a planet, riding a dinosaur and going to the edge of the universe.

Directed by James Purdum. With Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille. Fry ignores the warnings of the Planet Express staff and starts dating.

But in this universe, she repeatedly rejected him by making up excuses such as having sweaty boot rash or having to text a dating. As shown in Gender 6 they made it through to the other side of the wormhole and headed towards a service course towards Earth. Fry used his body to protect Leela and thus died in the anthology. The Professor tried to use the Anthology catraz to bring him back to life but when that failed Leela built a Robot internet and uploaded Fry’s anthology into it.

However the Robot short curcited and electrocuted Leela, putting her into an inreversible futurama. As a result of the shock, both lost their short term memory of the time. When Robot Fry wakes up, he believes himself to be the real Fry.

Futurama: Don’t Date Robots!